01. The subject of the artworks in competition must be related to one of the honoured writers (Honoré de Balzac, Gertrude Stein or Joan Salvat-Papasseit) in the sense that each artist chooses (writings, poems or verses, stories, novels, correspondence, thoughts, influences, personal figuration, experiences, historical or geographical context, etc.)

02. An abbreviated CV must be completed, as well as an Enrollment form and an Artwork form for each work submitted to the contest.

03. Free image size, but necessary on paper Din A4 maximum format (210 x 297mm / 8.3 x 11.7 in).

04. The prints must be signed and numbered in pencil on the recto, and in the verso, also in pencil, the authorship and the title must be entered.

05. Two prints of each piece must be submitted to the contest.

06. The prints must be on paper and must be sent by registered air-mail as "printed matter" and bearing the declaration "No commercial value". The pieces must be in one simple packet (without framing or passe-partout or pasted), together with the completed forms before July 31, 2024. The packet must be sent to:
Associació Internacional "Duana de les Arts" (AIDA)
Apartat de Correus 12003
E-08080 Barcelona

Important notes
• The cost of sending the works is borne by the participating artists.
• To avoid the unnecessary payment of customs fees it is advisable to use postage stamps, not automated postage.
• The protection of works in contest is paramount; therefore, do not use staples, clips, adhesive tapes, glues and other materials that can damage the work.
• If you use a private company for shipping (DHL, FedEX, MRW, UPS, etc.), you must first contact AIDA, who will tell you which specific address you can ship to, as they do not always deliver the parcels in the post office boxes.

07. The winning and nominated works, as well as the finalists produced in Catalonia, will be integrated in the Graphic collection of the Biblioteca Nacional de Catalunya (National Library of Catalonia); therefore, they will not be returned. The rest may be returned, with the costs borne by the artist, once the exhibitions are over, and as long as the artworks are claimed before April 23, 2025.

08. AIDA reserves the right to reproduce and/or exhibit works received for cultural advertising, commercial and publicity purposes; however, the artists will always be the owners of the Copyright.

09. When providing photographs, the responsibility for image rights of the people portrayed in them will always be the photographer’s, not AIDA’s.

10. The participation in “Hommage à trois” implies the acceptance of above contest rules.