Do we have to be an AIDA member to participate in the “Hommage à trois” contest?


What are the rights of the members?

• Ordinary member: Will be able to purchase graphic work at very special prices and will have preferential treatment in everything we organize, as well as exclusive publications in pdf and, in the case of mentioned contestant works, one printed catalogue and a video production of the serie "Artistes".
• Protector member: In addition to the advantages of ordinary members, receive one printed catalogue of "Hommage à trois" and, in the case of finalist contestant works, a video production of the serie "Artistes".
• Patron member: In addition to the benefits of ordinary and protector members, receive all AIDA publications on paper.


Do we have to be of legal age to participate?


Do we have to have an artistic career to participate?

Yes. It is necessary to justify the training and the professional trajectory with a CV.


Can I present drawings?

No, you can not, because we understand “graphic art” in a sense limited to prints and photography on paper.

Can I present photographs?

Yes, you can.

Should the photographs be signed?

It is not necessary; although, if the artist wishes, the photographs can be marked in the verse with an identifying stamp.

What do we understand by categories?

Each category is equivalent to one of the honoured writers.

In how many categories can you participate?

As many as you want.

How many works can be submitted?

There is not limit.

How many prints of each work should be submitted?



Should the works be inspired by the texts of the literary dossiers?

No. The texts serve only as guidance.


What should the size of the image be?

The size you consider best, but you cannot miss the margin; that is to say, the size of the images (including dry stamps, plate marks, remarques...) must respect those of the paper support.

What size should the paper be?

Din A4 maximum format.

Can larger format works be submitted?

Yes, but out-of-contest. In any case, if the Jury deems it appropriate, these works may also obtain mentions.


May we send all artworks in one package?

Yes, you may.

How can we avoid the retention of parcels and payment of customs fees at destination?

Using traditional postage stamps, not machine postage.

Who bears the shipping costs?

The contestant artists.


What are the prizes?

Three prizes and six mentions will be awarded for each category; in total, therefore, up to a maximum of nine awards and eighteen mentions:
• The first prize in each category: Financial endowment of €500, plus a printed catalogue and a video from the "Artistes" Collection.
• The second and third prizes in each category: A printed catalogue plus a video from the "Artistes" Collection.
• Artists with mentioned works: A Catalogue in pdf format plus the possibility of receiving a printed catalogue and the production of a video from the "Artists" Collection, if they are ordinary members of AIDA (€45)

Do the finalists and selected artworks have any prizes?

Everyone will receive the catalogue in pdf format; the finalists, in addition, have the possibility of receiving a printed catalogue and the production of a video from the "Artists" Collection, if they are protector members of AIDA (€105)


How are reproduction and copyright rights agreed?

The acceptance of the RULES of the contest implies that the rights of reproduction are transferred to AIDA (for the edition of the catalogue, promotion in social networks, advertising for sale, etc.), while copyright is the exclusive property of the artists.

What do image rights refer to?

They only affect the photographs, because, in this case, if portrayed people appear, their rights must be respected. Therefore, the responsibility for image rights of the people portrayed in them will always be the photographer’s, not AIDA’s.


What works will be exhibited?

The winners and those mentioned and, if required, the exhibitions will be complemented with some of the other works in contest.


Which artworks can be part of the Collection?

It is only for awarded (winners and mentioned) and finalists works.

What do the different colours of the "Artistes" series logo mean?

• The red series is for prize-winning works.
• The green series, for works with mention.
• The yellow series, for finalist works.


Will the catalogue be printed or digital?

A digital catalogue of the selected and awarded artworks will be available on line, which will be permanently exposed for consultation on AIDA’s website, and a paper limited edition for the first three prizes in each category, members of the jury, participating institutions, protector and patron members.

Which works will be part of the catalogue?

All the selected works will be reproduced, but the winners will have a space of up to six pages; those mentioned, up to four pages; finalists, one page, and the selected ones, a space of up to quarter of page.


Does AIDA issue certificates?

We will only issue certificates for the awarded works (prizes and mentions) and, if expressly requested, to the rest of the selected participants.

Are donation certificates granted?

Donation certificates for the artworks to the Biblioteca Nacional de Catalunya, Barcelona (National Library of Catalonia), will also be made available at the request of each artist.

Will the works be returned?

The winning and nominated works, as well as the finalists produced in Catalonia, will be integrated in the Graphic collection of the Biblioteca Nacional de Catalunya (National Library of Catalonia); therefore, they will not be returned. The rest may be returned, with the costs borne by the artist, once the exhibitions are over, and as long as the artworks are claimed before April 23, after the awarding of the prizes.